Cursory cleaning by housekeepers is no match for professional cleaning utilizing the best products and skills to create a pristine bathroom, kitchen floor, or any area of the home.


  • Discerning owners of fine homes who appreciate a pristine indoor environment that is a reflection of  their lifestyle
  •  95% of  homeowners say they would have called sooner if they only knew what a difference professional cleaning could make!The weak point of tile and stone installations is successfully removing deep-set stains and soiling. You'll seee immediate results and appreciate the difference!
  • Owners placing their home on the market and desiring the top asking price & less time on the market. Recent data points to 70% of buyers preferring a move-in ready home.
  • Owners with outdated bathrooms. With over three decades of bath remodelling and installation experience, exacting work completed in a highly productive manner results in better quality at a lower price. Get the most for  your remodelling dollar.
  • Individuals searching for an alternate to costly rip-out and replace projects. Sound floors and shower walls can very often receive a second layer of ceramic or stone. Minimal disruption and a greatly reduced cost.

​                    Artisan Bath, Tile, & Stonecare    

​              Complete Installations &  Professional Cleaning

​​​REgular professional grade cleaning should be a part of a comprehensive  home maintenance program !

​   ​Complete installation of Tile & Stone. Total bathroom remodelling.

   Professional grade intensive cleaning, sealing, and repairs of Tile & Stone

                                           in Potomac & Bethesda Maryland and NW DC